Alejandro Basteri Wikipedia, Age, Family, Education And Net Worth

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In this blog, you are going to read about Alejandro Basteri Wikipedia, Age, Family, Education, Partner, Hobbies, Net Worth, and Facts. 

Who is Alejandro Basteri?

Alejandro is the underappreciated brother of the well-known Mexican singer Luis Miguel. As of May 2022, he had more than 280,00 followers on Instagram.

Alejandro is not only a successful corporate executive but also a blogger, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. 

He is well recognized for serving as the chairman of Grupo El Mundo & Sexenio Communications’ board of directors. Additionally, he blogs about his way of life on his Instagram feed at @abasteri.

Alejandro Basteri Wikipedia

On August 25, 1972, Alejandro was born in Mexico to an actress and singer. He shared his early years with two brothers. 

He attended Boston College after completing his high school education in the area, then transferred to the University of California to get his bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

He started out in the corporate world as an executive before changing to become a well-known entrepreneur.

Alejandro Basteri Age

On August 25, 1972, he was born. According to his date of birth, his age is approximately 49 as of 2022.

Family and Education Of Alejandro Basteri

Parents Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri welcomed their son Alejandro into the world in Mexico. Sergio Basteri and Luis Miguel are two of his brothers. Mexico is home to the well-known musician Luis Miguel. Popular Italian actress Marcela Basteri is his mother. Spanish singer, guitarist, and songwriter Luisito Rey is his father. He finished his education at a local college in Mexico.

It is known that Alejandro attended both Boston College and the University of California. He briefly attended Boston College before graduating from the University of California with a four-year degree in a business organization. He began his professional life as a team player in the corporate world but quickly changed directions to become an entrepreneur.

Who is partner of Alejandro Basteri?

Alejandro Basteri is a contented husband. The name of his wife hasn’t been made public, though. Pierre Alexander Basteri and Isabella Sofa Basteri are his two children.

Career Of Alejandro

Alejandro rose to the position of a senior leader in the local international organization in Mexico and then attained the titles of financial expert and business executive. 

He moved up the corporate ladder and now serves as the board of directors chairman for Grupo El Mundo & Sexenio Communications.

He quickly rose to the position of president of Mundo De Poza Rica, a well-known newspaper in Mexico. He is a successful business executive in addition to being a model and a frequent Instagram blogger.

He is a businessman that runs a website called Basteri Collection. The website features a variety of accessories, including belts, purses, shoes, buttons, and wallets. 

The website largely caters to guys because it also features shirts, formal clothes, and business attire.

Which honors has Alejandro Basteri received?

This well-known entrepreneur has yet to get any notable honors. But Luis Miguel, his brother, is known to have received numerous Grammy nominations. Luis Miguel has won numerous awards outside of the Grammys, including the World Music Award, the Ondas Award for Music, and the International Viewers’ Choice for MTV International.

Hobbies and Interests of Alejandro Basteri

Alejandro Basteri is a successful corporate executive who enjoys reading, creating websites, shooting pictures, traveling, and surfing in his own time. 

He also enjoys cooking, and his favorites include German and Italian food. He enjoys listening to music and is talented at the piano and guitar.

Net Worth Of Alejandro Basteri

Salary and net worth information for Alejandro: He is a business executive with a $45 Million net worth. The date of Alejandro’s birth was August 25, 1972. 

Recognized as the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo El Mundo & Sexenio Communications, this business executive and entrepreneur. 

He owned his own construction company as well.

Additional Fascinating Alejandro Basteri Facts and Information

On his Instagram page, Alejandro has a photo with the well-known celebrity Shakira.

It is believed that Alejandro briefly owned and worked for a construction company, though specifics are uncertain.

In 2015, Luis Miguel Basteri, the brother of Alejandro, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When Netflix launched the documentary series “Luis Miguel: The Series” on the life of his brother, Alejandro gained notoriety.

In the documentary, Alejandro was portrayed by Juan Pablo Zurita, a well-known YouTube star. After its initial release in 2018, the series gained popularity all over the world.

To honor their mother, Marcela Basteri, Alejandro and his brother Luis Miguel planned to launch a clothing line in her honor.

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