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Alex Honnold is a professional American rock climber with a net worth of $2 million. One of the strongest rock climbers in the world, he is most renowned for being the only person to successfully free solo climb El Capitan.

His eighteen-hour, fifty-minute ascent of Mount Watkins, The Nose, and the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome is the fastest ascent of the Yosemite Triple Crown. 

He is the first person to free solo climb El Capitan. Honnold claims that he tries to do tall, lengthy routes quickly because he enjoys them. He co-wrote the 2017 memoir Alone on the Wall with David Robert, and the 2018 biographical documentary Free Solo, which won an Academy Award and a BAFTA, is about him.


Alex Honnold Biography

In Sacramento, California, on August 17, 1985, Alex Honnold was born. His parents were also community college instructors. His mother’s side of the family is Polish, while his father’s side is German. 

At the age of five, he started rock climbing at a gym, and by the time he was ten, when he was visiting the facility frequently, he had proven his dedication to the activity. 

He took part in and frequently won rock climbing competitions while he was a teenager. Alex attended Mira Loma High School, and upon graduating in 2003, he registered at the University of California, Berkley to pursue a degree in civil engineering. 

He had a difficult first year in college. He didn’t make many friends because he rented an apartment from a family acquaintance rather than living in the dorms. 

His grandma passed away, his parents were going through a divorce, and he was isolated his freshman year. Alex routinely missed class, and after taking a semester off to prepare for the Scottish National Climbing Championships, he decided not to return. 

He spent his time climbing and driving throughout California in his mother’s minivan after finishing school. He tented in a tent and commuted by bicycle after the minivan broke down. From 2004 until 2009, he claimed to have subsisted on less than $1,000 per month.

The Climbing Career of Honnold

Even though he had competed in climbing contests for the majority of his life, he had not encountered the climbing community until back in 2007. 

He accomplished a feat only matched by climber Peter Croft in 1987 when he soloed Yosemite Valley’s Astroman and Rostrum in a single day. Only after this triumph did he receive more widespread acclaim in the climbing community.

He free soloed a 1,200-foot-tall finger crack in Zion’s Moonlight Buttress later that year. Due to the incredible difficulty of the climb, some people thought this accomplishment was a farce. He accomplished the 2,000-foot Regular Northwest Face of Yosemite’s Half Dome on his own in 2008, and in 2012 he advanced to set a new record for the fastest ascent with a time of 1 hour and 22 minutes. 

By 2009, Honnold had achieved some notoriety and success in the climbing community and had signed a three-year deal. But he was barely known to the general populace. He earned the Golden Piton Award for hard rock climbing in 2010.

He rose to prominence as one of the best free solo rock climbers in the world in 2011. Outside of the climbing community, he started to receive more acclaim. 

The National Geographic magazine put Honnold on its cover in May 2011. Later, in the winter of that same year, he attempted to break the record for the quickest ascent of El Capitan but fell short by 45 seconds. 

He gained widespread fame in 2012 after appearing on “60 Minutes” to talk about his free solo ascent of Half Dome’s Regular Northwest Face. 

Alex played a climbing guide in the documentary “Alone on the Wall.” He attempted to beat the record for the quickest ascent of El Capitan once more in June 2012 alongside climbing partner Hans Florine. 

They were successful in their endeavor, setting a new record of 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 45 seconds.

“Valley Uprising,” a documentary chronicling the development of rock climbing in Yosemite Park, starred Honnold and numerous other climbers in 2014. 

Cliff Bar served as one of the film’s financial sponsors and also had sponsorship agreements with five of the participants, including Honnold. However, Cliff Bar terminated sponsorship agreements with the professional climbers who had been promoted a few months after the movie’s release. 

They claimed that this was what they liked to do because the corporation disapproved of how far the climbers were pushing the limits of the sport and had reservations about whether or not they were taking unnecessary risks. 

Honnold is well renowned for taking incredible risks and showing a lack of concern for his own life and safety.

Honnold used the 2,900-foot Freerider route on June 3, 2017, making it the first free solo ascent of El Capitan. He completed the ascent in three hours and 56 minutes, and his victory has been highlighted as one of the most incredible athletic feats ever. 

Photographer and climber Jimmy Chin and his wife, documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, captured it on camera. They released the “Free Solo” documentary in 2018. The movie took home the Best Documentary Feature Oscar that year.

Personal Life and Activism

Honnold lives a morally upright life, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and is a fervent atheist with a long history of vegetarianism.

In 2012, Honnold established the Honnold Foundation, a nonprofit organisation to which he reportedly donates one-third of his annual revenue. 

The Honnold Foundation promotes solar energy as a “environmentally sound answer to global energy poverty” and funds solar-related initiatives in underdeveloped regions all over the world.

In September 2020, Honnold tied the knot with his lifelong love, Sanni McCandless. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the couple lives in a house. On February 17, 2022, they gave birth to a daughter they called June.

Alex Honnold Net Worth

Honnold is a successful professional rock climber with a $2 million fortune. One of the strongest rock climbers in the world, he is most well-known for being the only person to successfully free solo climb El Capitan.

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