Alex Hormozi Net Worth, Age, Wife And other Details

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and investor Alex Hormozi. About $18 million is his estimated net worth. He created a prosperous business names 

He is a well-liked businessperson in the nation. In addition, he founded several additional businesses, including Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, A.L.A.N., and many others.

More information about him is available as you read on, including his nationality, net worth, age, wife, height, wiki, biography, children, weight, family, and ethnicity.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex Hormozi’s net worth is $18 million, as was previously stated (estimated). Most of his money comes from wise investments, he makes. 

Net Worth as on 2022

$ 18 Million





He researches a budding company and makes a large financial investment. Through his knowledge of client acquisition and monetization, Alex contributes to the expansion of the company. 

When enough time has passed, he sells his share after expanding the company to new heights. His claim that he scaled multiple enterprises to over $100 million is frequently misunderstood. 

His net worth is not necessarily going to be hundreds of millions of dollars just because he scales a business to hundreds of millions.

Not many individuals who have just met Alex are unaware that he is a well-known author. 

He has so far published two books, Gym Launch Secrets: The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Hugely Lucrative Gym and $100 Million Offers: How To Make Offers So Good Those who refuse feel foolish. 

In February 2020, he published his first book, which is also accessible on Amazon Kindle. 154 people have given it a rating of 4.7/5.

He became a fairly well-known novelist thanks to his second book. On Amazon, the hardback edition of the book, which was released on July 13, 2021, costs $24.84. 

He detailed his complete entrepreneurial experience and how he become a prosperous entrepreneur in the book. Numerous thousands of copies of the book have been sold as of this writing. 

In actuality, it has approximately 7,000 reviews and a rating of 4.9/5. He had made millions of dollars from the sales of this book.

Alex Hormozi Biography

Alex Hormozi was born in the United States in 1989 to an Iranian-American family. It is unknown what year he was born or what sign he was. 

He goes by the name Alex. Regarding his education, he received his high school diploma from Maryland’s Gilman School in 2008. 

He enthusiastically participated in outdoor activities while he was in school, including tennis, soccer, and more.

He went to Vanderbilt University for his higher education, where he majored in Human & Organizational Development and earned a bachelor of science (B.S.). 

In the year 2011, he completed this three-year program. He served as the vice president of Vanderbilt Powerlifting while he was a student and the president of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha.

Alex Hormozi Age

Alex Hormozi was born in 1989 according to his date of birth Alex Hormozi Age is 33 years old as on 2022.

Alex Hormozi Wife

The marital status of Alex Hormozi is married. The name Alex Hormozi  wife is Leila Hormozi. Prior to becoming life partners, they mostly became business partners. 
They were wed in May 2017 and recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. After Alex met her, they collaborated to help his first business, Gym Launch, succeed. 
In April 2016, she was chosen to be a co-founder of Gym Launch. She is currently the Managing Partner at, leaving this aside. 
The duo is constantly heavily active in business endeavors. His wife has not yet given birth, based on the facts regarding her children. He thus has no children at this time.

Career Highlights

During the early stages of Alex Hormozi’s work, he met Lelia, with whom he later co-founded a successful company. 

They established the business Gym Launch, which went from gym to gym assisting owners to enhance and maintain their practices. 

The business took off right away, and in just a few short years, it had grown to over 40 employees and generated $24 million in revenue all on its own.

Alex Hormozi founded the supplement business Prestige Labs in 2019 with the goal of offering effective ingredients. 

Another endeavor, Done For You Meals, took the place of Prestige Labs (D.F.Y.M). 

Later, Alex Hormozi launched A.L.A.N, a SaaS company that aids legal offices, chiropractors, gyms, and dental offices in growing their businesses.

Alex and Lelia Hormozi gave more than a million dollars to After School All-Stars, a nonprofit organization that supports kids by offering free, educational after-school activities, as a sign of their generosity and goodwill.

Now that he has generated over $100 million in sales, Alex helps business owners attract, retain, and profit from their customers. 

As of right now, Alex Hormozi is a well-known social media influencer, webinar presenter, published author, and host of the podcast The Game, where he talks about the mistakes and lessons he learned along the way to success.

Alex Hormozi’s net worth is thought to be $15 million per year, despite the fact that there is very little information available about his earnings. 

With an $85 million annual revenue, Alex and Lelia Hormozi achieved $100 million in cumulative sales with the help of Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and A.L.A.N.

A career in Social Media

Alex Hormozi started actively sharing content online after the publication of his second book. He believed that producing content was a time waster.

He nevertheless established an account on each significant social media network after realizing the content’s actual potential. 

He has the greatest following on Tiktok among all social media sites. 

He publishes brief video snippets in which he typically discusses topics linked to entrepreneurship. He even posts videos that are inspirational.

A few of his little movies that went popular on the app helped him build a fan base there. On Tiktok, he presently has 7.7 million total likes and more than 414k followers. 

Let’s move on to his Instagram account. He nearly exclusively uploads Tiktok-like content to the photo-sharing website. 

By including his tweet photographs as well, he diversifies the information, though. He currently follows 280 individuals and has over 406k followers.

On his YouTube channel, the content is lengthy but identical to that on other accounts. His films typically last more than 10 minutes, unlike those on Instagram and Tiktok. 

Watch these 55 minutes if you want to be a billionaire in 2022 is the title of his most watched lengthy video, which has received over a million views. 

After YouTube Shorts launched, he started reposting his Tiktoks on his YouTube channel as well. 

Even though they don’t have much financial value, they attract new viewers because they spread quickly online. 

According to the statistics, the channel has over 336k subscribers and 33 million total video views.


  • He enjoys Workouts.
  • He has made numerous podcast appearances, including Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness Podcast.
  • The selling of his license business for $46 million was his most well-known departure strategy.
  • Right now, he doesn’t have any kids.
  • His body is free of tattoos.
  • Alex joined Twitter in July 2021 and amassed over 128k followers after posting a total of 1.5k tweets.
  • He has more than 500 contacts on LinkedIn and more than 22k followers.
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