Anna Delvey Net Worth, Biography, Career and Other Information

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If you are looking for anna delvey net worth then you are on the right place. In this blog, you are going to read about anna delvey net worth, Biography, Career, and More information.

Anna Delvey a fraudster from Germany has a $60 million net worth. She was nurtured in a creative family and began her career as a model before transitioning to real estate and becoming an interior designer.

A socialite’s mind looks to be a complicated, sophisticated creature. Evil may be hiding beneath the surface for all the flash and glamour one may believe.

A self-destructive need for recognition or an inflated sense of entitlement.

Consider Anna Delvey, the American socialite who was just revealed to be a phony. More than you could ever think, Anna Delvey’s net worth is enormous.

Anna Delvey Net Worth

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, scammed hundreds of friends and businesses out of money between 2013 and 2017, telling them she had a net worth of more than $65 million overseas and could use it to pay them back.

She frequently claimed to be the heir to her father’s oil empire, the German national. Her father was a truck driver, a member of the working class.

Due to her expensive lifestyle and outlandish spending, Anna Delvey, a very affluent individual, has consistently attracted attention.

The majority of her wealth was seized when she was arrested by authorities for fraud and felony charges, though.

Anna Delvey Biography

Anna Sorokin has used the fictitious identity of Anna Delvey successfully to commit fraud and deceive a large audience.

Anna was born on January 23, 1991, in Domodedovo, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. She spent the majority of her early years being raised in Russia, where she used to reside with her truck driver father and little convenience store owner mother.

At the age of 16, she moved to Germany and enrolled in both English and German studies.

She also loved modeling, and she used to read vogue and other magazines since she was a very young child.

She traveled to London to pursue her education further, but she soon left. She eventually relocated to Paris, where she began modeling under the name Anna Delvey.


Anna Delvey had her early education at Episcopal School, a catholic institution with locations in Germany.

She later relocated to London in order to attend Central Saint Martin’s for additional study. However, she stopped after the first year. Later, she relocated to Paris and started a job.

The career of Anna Delvey

Model Anna Delvey began her profession when she was a resident of Paris.

She used to participate in a number of fashion weeks and events in 2013, but she discovered that working in New York was much simpler and less expensive when she moved there from Paris.

Later, Anna left the business and developed the concept for the Anna Delvey Foundation. Then, in front of everyone, she pretended to be a very wealthy German.

Anna was finally detained in 2017 on charges of fraud and a crime. She defrauded many banks, hotels, and other institutions using false accounts and other methods.

She received a prison term of between four and twelve years. At the moment, she is in New York, and all of her information has been taken. Inventing Anna, a Netflix original series, was launched in 2022.

Fraud offenses

Anna traveled from New York to Paris in 2016 and stayed there for a short while before being stopped.

Delvey received a two-year prison sentence for narcotics charges after being caught with heroin while she was living in Paris.

She was deported to the United States the following year and entered a plea of guilty to five counts of grand larceny there. It’s estimated that Anna defrauded her American landlord of about $200,000.

She was facing three separate criminal fraud accusations. She will consequently serve her term on Rikers Island in New York City, USA, for six months.

The fact that this crime occurred was huge news for Anna, but it is unknown how much money she was able to defraud while visiting the city.

Netflix Show

On February 11, 2022, Netflix launched Inventing Anna, a six-episode series that details Anna’s fraud and con games.

Shona Randos, the show’s creator and producer, developed the series in which Julia Garner played the con woman Anna Delvey.

For the privilege to include the story in the well-known television series, Netflix reportedly paid Anna over $320,000.

Anna Delvey used that money to pay off all of her debts, including more than $75,000 in legal bills and $200,000 for restitution. She also used it to pay $24,000 in state fines.

Anna stole thousands of dollars from her friends, promising to repay them, but she never paid back the money she borrowed.

She was apprehended by authorities in 2017 and her trial lasted two years due to the charges of big larceny.

She was therefore deemed guilty and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison, which included two years.

She spent some time in the Rikers Island jail prior to her trial.

The allegations against Anna, including the grand robbery of more than $1 million from the “City National Bank,” were dropped because she was found guilty on eight counts.

She was let out of jail in February 2021 as a result of her excellent behavior. She received a second prison sentence in September 2021 for being in ICE’s control.


While Anna Delvey may appear to be leading a pretty opulent life at the moment, the American legal system has some questions for her to answer.

With the launch of her Netflix documentary, she is currently enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. Her experiences in New York City are the subject of the six-episode TV show.

Many people are discussing Anna Delvey’s net worth and her fraud prosecution. It’s understandable that people want a peep inside the life of this New York City socialite given that Netflix paid millions for the rights to tell her story.

The Anna Delvey controversy has only continued because of the attention she has drawn to herself and because she has called out other celebrities for lying.

She asserts that her name has grown to be associated with deceit and fraud over time.

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