Christiane Louise Wikipédia, Age, Cause Of Death

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In this blog, you are going to read about Christiane Louise Wikipédia, her Age, and Cause Of Death.

Danish noblewoman and courtesan Christiane Henriette Louise Juel, née von Schleinitz (1709–1756).

She was Sophie Magdalene of Brandenburg-maid Kulmbach’s of honor, and in 1738, she wed the queen’s courtier Carl Juel. 

In 1742–1743, she served as chamberlain and chief lady-in-waiting to Princess Louise of Denmark (1726–1756), and in 1743, they were appointed to the same position for the new crown princess, Louise of Great Britain. 

She and her husband were influential central figures at the Danish royal court, where their careers there occurred concurrently. 

After Louise became queen, they continued to hold such positions, and in 1752, Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel was given those positions.

Christiane Louise Wikipédia

Christiane Louise Wikipédia

On September 12, 1971, Louise Voice Actor was born in Rio de Janeiro. In the middle of the 1990s, she started working at VTI and Art Sound studios. 

In addition to being well-known for her voice work in “Overwatch,” Louise was also recognized for providing the voices of Sivir in “League of Legends,” Marge Simpson in “The Simpsons,” Cortana in “Halo 3,” “Halo 4,” and “Halo Reach,” among other characters.

A voice actor who played Mercy in “Overwatch’s” Brazilian voiceover perished in the incident. He apparently had a 49-year-old age. On August 6, 2021, the voice actor Mário Tupinambá Filho made his passing public. 

Although his passing was announced to the public, information regarding possible foul play only came to light later. 

According to a source, she was supposedly slain on August 14, 2021, at her apartment with a broken chalice. A new arrest has been made in relation to her homicide.

Reason for the death Of Christiane Louise

Louise was allegedly killed in her own house by Pedro Paulo Goncalves Vasconcellos da Costa, who also severed her neck and leg. 

According to reports, Louise had taken care of Costa while he was through a continuing mental health crisis. They became buddies after meeting at a mental health facility in 2017.

According to reports, Costa planned to keep Louise’s possessions and inheritance. According to reports, the first of these had already begun relocating into his mother’s home after she had assisted him. 

At the time of writing, the mother—who is also wanted in connection with the murder—was still at large. 

The person in prison, Costa, said he acted in self-defense. But before hiding the actress’s body, Costa and her mother apparently stayed at home for two days.

According to reports, the mother, Eliane Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa, and an additional currently unnamed accomplice assisted in concealing the body. 

The computers and cell phones belonging to the voice actress were purportedly discovered by law officers at Eliane Gonçalves’ residence. 

Brazilian homicide detectives detained Costa, 27, on Friday, August 13, on suspicion of killing Louise on July 22 at her home. The many stab wounds were listed as the cause of death.

Costa originally responded that he hadn’t spoken to her since June 17 and that she had left for Mangaratiba, another part of Rio, with a partner, saying she would be gone for 15 days when questioned about her disappearance. 

He admitted to killing her in self-defense because Louise was supposedly “possessed by the demon” after a new round of questioning.

Investigators claim that Louise was killed inside an apartment in Ipanema, “in the South Zone of Rio,” and that her body was discovered in Grumari, “in the West Zone,” according to the Brazilian news site Globo. The website also included graphic information about the crime.

According to the article, Costa stated that he had strangled Louise by cutting her throat and leg with shattered glass. 

The Western Zone beachfront location of Praia de Grumari is where Louise was discovered. The body of the voice actor was reportedly wrapped.

The Police Report About Christiane Louise’s Murder

The suspect and his mother kept Louise’s body inside their home for two days before hiding it, according to the police report in Brazil. 

Police discovered the body two to three days after the crime. Louise had actually been dead for eight days prior to her coworker Mário Tupinambá Filho breaking the news on Instagram.

Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa is a suspect in the ongoing investigation, however, he was supposedly defending himself when the attack took place. 

He and Christiane Louise met in 2017 at a mental health facility, and since then, according to a person close with the two, they have become friends. 

Exactly how Vasconcellos da Costa intended to protect Louise’s entire estate and inheritance is presently unknown.

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