Julien Stoermer Coleman Age, Biography, Net Worth

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Julien Stoermer Coleman, also known as Julien Coleman, is a well-known American sibling. 

He is well recognized for being Zendaya Coleman’s sibling, a well-known actor in American films and television programs.

His relationship with Zendaya Coleman is the key factor in Julien Stoermer Coleman’s prominence. 

In this essay, I’ll discuss Julien Stoermer Coleman’s life story, career, family (sister, brothers, age, and net worth), and other fascinating information that you probably didn’t know.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Biography

On May 15, 1998, Julien Stoermer Coleman was born. He is more known for being the sibling of popular American singer and actress Zendaya. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, Julian’s father, and his mother Claire Stoermer welcomed him into the world. Consequently, his middle name is a variation of his mother’s last name.

Although Julien is only two years Zendaya’s junior, he hasn’t previously shown off his artistic abilities. Instead, he is a talented athlete who enjoys playing cards once in a while. 

Even if there isn’t much information available on him right now, it is clear that he is focusing on his education and skill set. If everything goes well, Julien will achieve the same level of fame as his sister.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Age

24 years old as od 2022.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Family

The family of Julien Stoermer Coleman includes several well-known American celebrities. 

But he is aware of one thing: His family is receiving media coverage, much like Zendaya’s family (an American actress). 

He goes by the name Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, and his mother is Claire Stoermer. 

Although Coleman comes from a famous American family and is a renowned actor, he is even more proud of the fact that his relatives are on the verge of becoming well-known figures.

His mother was Claire Stoermer, and his father was Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. 

His father is an African-American gym instructor, and his mother is a stay-at-home mom with Scottish and German roots. 

Kazembe and Claire had six children together: Julien Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoermer Coleman,  Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, And Zendaya.


At the time this article was edited and published online by Thrill NG, Julien Coleman had not yet made any disclosures regarding his educational history. 

However, it’s likely that he still retains his primary school and graduation certificates. Even if this is the case, several articles make the assumption that he is currently an undergraduate student. 

Before becoming a full-time entertainer, he is now aiming to develop his teaching career.


Julien Stoermer Coleman has not yet made his job information public. However, some reports claim that he has his father’s passion for physical fitness. 

One of his siblings, Zendaya Coleman, is also a well-known actor in movies and TV series who also likes to dance, sing, and act.

Julien Stoermer Coleman Net Worth

Julien Stoermer Coleman Net worth is more than $8 million, according to his net worth. He has made this money as a songwriter and rapper.

Julien Stoermer Coleman’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour performance in Philadelphia is his highest-selling concert to date; it brought in almost $1.7 million for him.

He signed a $3 million deal with Interscope Records after being discovered.

He was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the most powerful and influential people of the year 2013.

Personal Life 

With a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, Julien Stoermer Coleman is unquestionably pretty beautiful. Our best assumption, though, is that he is now single. 

As far as we can tell, he prefers to keep his personal affairs hidden and private. He hasn’t called anyone his girlfriend, spouse, or wife up until now because of this. 

However, he has frequently been spotted with his sister, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, at hot events and in public.

One could say that at this point in his life, Julien is concentrating on his schooling and job growth rather than entering into a romantic relationship or love connection. 

Despite this, Julien has not disclosed any information to the public about his previous relationships or romantic interests.

Regarding Coleman’s private life, it’s important to mention that he has never been associated with any controversies or speculations. 

This is due to Julien Stoermer Coleman’s dislike of maintaining a consistent online presence on websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

This leads us to the conclusion that, despite being the sibling of American actor and singer Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, he chooses to keep his private matters private and shuns the spotlight.

Zendaya Julien Stoermer Coleman’s sister

Julien Stoermer Coleman, a well-known American singer, producer, and actor, has a sister named Zendaya Stoermer. She was born in the United States of America on September 1, 1996.

When Zendaya started working for Sears, Old Navy, Mervyn’s, and Macy’s, her career as a fashion model officially began. 

Her work on the Disney Channel series Shake it Up, which debuted in 2010, is, nevertheless, the primary reason for her fame.

She has also had big appearances in other series, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Super Buddies, The Greatest Showman, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, in addition to this one.

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