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The mother of popular musician Luis Miguel, Marcela Basteri is a well-known Italian actress who was born in Circa in 1946. 

At this time, Marcela, who stood 4 feet 11 inches tall, is thought to be 75 years old. Her eyes were a dark blue color, and she had blonde hair. 

Her net worth is still a secret and not much information has been disclosed about it. She is the mother of Sergio, Alejandro, and Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri.

We can confirm that she spent the majority of her childhood in Carrara, Tuscany and that she had a strong desire to act and model from an early age. 

She soon entered the film industry to showcase her untapped talent.

However, the mystery surrounding her disappearance continues to fuel rumors and conjecture. 

Some even believe she is dead, though no one has yet to formally confirm this.

Marcela Basteri
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Marcela Basteri Wikipedia

An actress named Marcela Basteri vanished in 1986. Since then, nobody is certain if she is still alive or if she has simply chosen to maintain a low profile. 

She was born on December 10, 1946, and raised in Tuscany in Italy. Additionally, Marcela will be 76 years old in 2022. 

The aspiring actor loved to make movies and has been acting since she was a young girl.

The disappearance of Marcela took place in 1986. People continue to speculate that she is dead because she hasn’t made an appearance in the media since then. 

Her family stays silent about the situation. Rosa, one of the family members, claimed that the actress drowned; however, this claim has not yet been verified.

Marcela Basteri Age

She was born on December 10, 1946. According to her date of birth, Marcela Basteri will be 76 years old in 2022

Marcela Basteri Family

Marcela and Luis Gallegos were wed (better known as Luisito Rey). Early in the 1970s, she got married and moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she gave birth to her son.

 Luis Miguel, Alejandro Basteri, and Sergio Basteri are the couple’s 3 sons.


Modeling was the initial focus of Marcela’s career before she shifted to acting and screenwriting. 

She began acting at a very young age and has since had great success. 

She is well-known for being the mother of Luis Miguel, one of the most popular singers in Latin America. 

Over 100 million records have been sold worldwide by Luis.

A mother of Luis Miguel ever discovered? She reportedly traveled to Italy in 1986 on a plane with her four-year-old son, Sergio. She was never again seen after this in 1986.

Luisito Rey Marcela Basteri

Luisito Rey, a well-known Spanish musician, and Marcela moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, after their marriage. 

Luis Miguel, Alejandro, and Sergio Basteri are all the offspring of Marcela Basteri and Luisito Rey.

But Luisito Rey has passed away. His death is unknown as to why it occurred. 

He reportedly passed away from pneumonia, but other reports claim he had AIDS. 

After his wife vanished, he became heavily involved with drugs and women, which resulted in all of this bad luck.

Marcela Basteri Mama De Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel Luis, a son of Marcela Basteri who was one of the best-selling Latin artists of the 1990s, is the most successful of Marcela’s offspring. 

He is also credited with bringing the bolero genre into the general public’s consciousness.

Marcela Basteri

Recently, he has amassed record sales of more than 60 million worldwide, ranking him among the top Latin music performers. 

Luis also had the good fortune to receive a platinum-certified Spanish language album at the age of 14 and a Grammy.

The Net Worth Of Marcela Basteri

She earned a lot of money throughout her lifetime, but it is unknown what her exact net worth was. 

Miguel, however, Marcela’s son, is an inspirational singer who, as of 2022, had a net worth of about $45 million.

Mystery Marcela Basteri Found

When news of Marcela’s alleged appearance and subsequent insanity spread in 2004, it was reported that Miguel would be reunited with his mother in a psychiatric hospital in northern Italy. 

However, this reunion never happened, and Miguel’s brothers reassured him that this was not the case. 

Additional rumors suggested that Marcella Basteri had been accepted into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholics, but those claims were later disproven.

When Marcela even made the cover of a magazine in 2008, claiming to live on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, things took an interesting turn. 

They even went so far as to include a picture of Marcela Basteri’s home, as well as some hints as to where she might be hiding and some conjecture regarding her presence in Argentina.

It was confirmed in 2010 that Marcela Luismiguel’s son was receiving special care in a hospital due to drug abuse. 

He might be able to shed light on his mother’s whereabouts and provide a possible location. 

In response to her mother’s rumors, Miguel and the rest of her family remain remarkably silent.

Marcela is currently residing in Italy, according to family members of Miguel, who also confirm that she is healthy and in contact with her kids on a regular basis. 

Although we would like to think that Marcela’s sons have not yet confirmed this, it is still a mystery. 

The bandoneonist Walter Ros, one of Miguel’s musicians who organized a concert tour for him in Chile and Argentina in 2012, has come forward to confirm that Miguel already formed a bond with his mother while he was in the asylum; this is all related to the news that was mentioned and published in 2004. 

I Always Looked for You was the name of a song that Luis Miguel was planning to  as a tribute to her mother. 

Rios claimed that Miguel had admitted to him that he had actually met his mother, but she had shown no sign of recognition.

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