Patrick Renna Net Worth In 2023

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American actor Patrick Renna hails from the country. $1.5 million is Patrick Renna’s net worth. He was incorporated into the group on March 3 of the year of 1979. He was once included in the Boston ball.

Later, that was boosted by Los Angeles in accordance with the expansion of acting. Regarding his private life, he married Jasmine Renna. Few people are parents. The fight against Scientology is being vigorously fought by Patrick or his honorable Jasmin Renna.

He is good friends with Danny Masterson and quite a few other unmarried Scientology professionals, but he has also received praise at a few Scientology fundraisers and events.

Jasmin was definite about the Executive Director of the group’s Los Feliz Mission right away. In the year 2017, the couple welcomed their first teenager. That was stated on the acclaimed television series in March of the year 2019.

Patrick Renna Net Worth

Patrick Renna Bio And Family Details

In Boston, Massachusetts, Patrick was born on March 3, 1979. There isn’t much information available about his parents or whether he has siblings because he kept that knowledge to himself.

In 2006, Renna married the love of his life, Jasmin. There are two kids born to the couple. Flynn, their first child, was born in 2017; Liam, their second, was born in 2020.

Patrick Renna and Jasmine, together with their two children (Instagram)

The church of Scientology is a priority for Patrick Renna and his wife, Jasmin. He has also attended numerous Scientology fundraisers and events. He is good friends with a number of other Scientology performers, including Danny Masterson.

Jasmin formerly held the position of Executive Director of the Los Feliz Mission of the church.

With almost 387k followers, Patrick enjoys a high level of popularity on Instagram.


He had the energy for performing at an exceptionally young age. He departed as a young person was beckoning him in an alluring movie. While she is receiving assistance, his robotic someone quantity emerges.

He is discussed in relation to his breakthrough performance in The Sandlot movie from 20th Century Fox. “You’re blooded me Smalls!” is one of his quotes from The Sandlot and is possibly the most repulsive memorable tension in Nineteen Nineties movie history.

He was recalled in the same year as Pauly Shore’s “kids-in-law.” David M. Evans made changes to the film before it was committed.

His opposite was seen in the National Lampoon Presents movies Dorm Daze, Dark Ride, and Bad Roomies, as well as in episodes of the television series The Closer, Boston Legal, and Judging Amy.

From that point on, he has been a unique researcher providing typical spot jobs for supply popular television shows like Boston Legal and The X-Files.

Later, he completed “Dread, Inc,” or all throughout the ill-described year, that was one character in the American unscripted television drama “Punishment’s Kitchen.” Patrick made a cameo in the Disney movie The Big Green directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan. Other high-net-worth individuals can be seen hereā€¦..

Together with friend and character actor Andrew Keegan, he created the free 1997 short film “Reliably,” which depicted the reactions of three younger men to Buddy Holly’s surrender.

Some of his postponed publication credits include “Agitators,” “Ricky 6,” “Extraordinarily Mean Men,” “Life Blood,” “Dull Ride,” “Residence Daze,” and others.

Additionally, he has made several Films of the Week appearances and has been featured on other popular TV programmes, including “Bones,” “Around There,” “CSI,” and others. He used to be a well-known actor and was selected for UCLA’s 2005 Spring Sing. In Gamo, he made a purchase.

Patrick Renna Net Worth

According to Celebrity Networth, Patrick Renna net worth is estimated of $1.5 million. His primary sources of income are endorsement contracts and public appearances. His work in the television industry as a producer and actor accounts for the majority of his net worth.

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FAQs about Patrick Renna

Patrick Renna Net Worth

Patrick Renna has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million

How old is Patrick Renna?

43 years old as on 2023

Who is Patrick Renna wife?

Jasmine Renna Is the Wife of Patrick Renna

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