Paul Boukadakis Net Worth In 2023

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Paul Boukadakis Net Worth is $20–25 million USD as of 2023. Other details about Paul Boukadakis are given below

Paul Boukadakis, a well-known American actor, producer, cinematographer, television personality, and entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is 37 years old and was born on February 9, 1984. He is well-known around the nation for appearing in a number of films and TV shows.

Paul has acted in a number of short films, including Hazardous Worry Dolls, A Fuchsia Elephant, Dinner with Raphael, and others, according to IMDB. He works as a producer in the entertainment sector as well. Paul is also a co-founder of OnAirstreaming, according to the sources.

After being seen with actress Ana de Armas at JFK airport, Boukadakis gained notoriety. The couple has been dating since July 2021, according to the sources.

Paul Boukadakis Wikipedia

On February 9th, 1984, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Paul Boukadakis was born. Paula Francis Wagner and Michael Boukadakis welcomed him into the world. His father founded the IT business ENACOMM. He enrolled in Bishop Kelley High School so he could study there.

Autumn, Joey, and Sunny were the names of Paul’s three younger siblings. Joey, his brother, founded the company General Specific, which offers creative strategy consulting. Autumn, one of his sisters, runs the Spindle Design Co. and works as an interior designer.

Height And Weight

Paul Boukadaki has a healthy body weight of 75 kg and a height of 5 feet, and 11 inches. His dark brown hair and eyes are attractive. Paul has a unique appearance and a raw appeal to him. Also, he has an average body type.

Relatives of Paul Boukadakis (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Wikipedia: Paul Boukadakis We discovered after extensive research that Paul is a member of a stable joint family. He was born into a household of Christians. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, which corresponds to his date of birth. Paul is a devout Christian and belongs to the pure white Caucasian race.

The career of Paul Boukadakis

In short films including Rushers (2007), A Fuchsia Elephant (2009), Dinner with Raphael (2009), The New ’20s (2009), and Magpie (2010), Paul Boukadakis made appearances (2012). After two years as the CEO of wheels, he joined Tinder as a vice president in January 2017. He also contributed to the creation of the OnAirstreaming app.

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What woman is dating Paul Boukadakis?

Paul Boukadakis is a well-off individual. He is presently seeing Spanish and Cuban actress Ana Celia de Armas Caso. Given that he appears content in his relationship with his fiancée, there is a bigger chance that he will get married. When Paul considers his sexuality, he is heterosexual.

Over the weekend, Paul Boukadakis and his girlfriend Ana de Armas were seen holding hands and kissing in Los Angeles. The 33-year-old “Knives Out” actress appeared unconcerned with passersby as she removed her boyfriend’s face mask on Sunday to share a short kiss.

On their leisurely stroll, the two remained close, holding hands and exchanging hugs. They were initially seen in a photograph while passing through New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in September.

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Paul Boukadakis Net worth In 2023

Paul Boukadaki is a gifted individual with a net worth of $20–25 million USD as of 2023.

Also, he receives a good compensation of millions of dollars annually. Paul has already developed a reputation in his brief professional career. Additionally, his primary sources of income come from his work as an executive at Tinder and as an entrepreneur.

What You Should Know About Paul Boukadakis.

  • Aquarius is Paul’s sign in the zodiac.
  • He finished college at a reputable university in Oklahoma.
  • Boukadakis developed and served as CEO of On-Airstreaming before founding Wheel.
  • Also, he is well-known for dating Spanish actress Ana de Armas.
  • He doesn’t seem to be on Instagram yet.

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