Rhett Hartzog Family, Career, and Net Worth

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In this blog, Rhett Hartzog Biography, Family, Career, and Net Worth are discussed.

Successful businessman Rhett Hartzog is most known for being the spouse of a famous person and resides in Atlanta. Popular American actress Andie MacDowell’s ex-husband is this person.

In the film Sex, Lies, and Videotapes, the actress is renowned for giving a standout performance.

Rhett Hartzog is better known as Andie’s ex-husband than as a businessman, like many other persons whose partners work in the entertainment sector.

It does not, however, give credit to everything that he is capable of beyond being Andie’s ex. Get to know the attractive businessman’s personal information here.

Rhett Hartzog Biography

Rhett was born on April 21, 1958. Although there are few details about his early years and no information about his family, he was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States.

It’s unknown what his parents did for a living or what their names are. As for his siblings and their level of accomplishment, little is known about them either.

Despite having married an actress in the past, the businessman does not appear to be a fan of the media. He has thus chosen to conceal information about his family and other personal matters.

In Gaffney, South Carolina, Rhett Hartzog pursued his studies at Gaffney High School.

He went to college after finishing high school and earned a doctorate there. The course he took or the college he went to are not yet known in specifics, though.

Body measurements for Rhett Hartzog

Aside from having a fantastic personality, Rhett Hartzog also has a great body. A typical height and weight for a businessman. Along with having dark brown hair and blue eyes. Andie, his ex-wife, is 58 kilograms (58 pounds) and is about 5 feet, 3 inches tall.

Wife, Marriage, Of Rhett Hartzog

Rhett Hartzog is divorced, which brings us to his love life and personal life. His union with Andie Macdowell took place in November 2001.

They don’t have kids together and aren’t married. But as they got divorced after just three years of marriage, they are no longer together.

In 1986, Paul Qualley and Andie got married. Paul performs dance and was a model in the past.

However, in 1986 they got a divorce. Son and two daughters were the results of their union. The fact that Rhett prefers one gender over the other is also openly stated.

He hasn’t been a part of any tense situations as of right now, too.

Career of Rhett Hartzog

A prosperous businessman, Rhett Hartzog. He is a wealthy businessman with a focus on the jewelry industry. He also rose to fame as Andie MacDowell’s ex-husband.

American actress and model Aide MacDowell are well-known there. She has acted in several movies and television shows and has been nominated for numerous honors.

In the 1989 movie Sex, Lies, and Videotape, she received a lot of accolades for her portrayal.

St. Monte Carlo, Footloose, and Ready or Not are just a few of her cinematic credits. She has additionally appeared in numerous television programs and series.

She has continued to be associated with Calvin Klein Inc., a renowned fashion brand founded by Calvin Klein himself, in addition to her modeling career.

In addition, she has experience working for luxury companies like L’Oreal.

His and his wife’s divorce

After almost three years of marriage, actress Andie MacDowell and businessman Rhett Hartzog have filed for divorce.

A source tells PEOPLE that “it’s a terrible and very private period.” The split was not discussed in any further detail.

In Asheville, North Carolina, in November 2001, MacDowell, 46, and Hartzog, 45, were joined in matrimony by her three children, Justin, now 17; Rainey; and Sarah Margaret, 9; all of whom were present at the elaborate ceremony attended by 450 guests (from her first marriage to model-turned-contractor Paul Qualley). MacDowell was the first woman Hartzog married.

At South Carolina’s Gaffney High School, MacDowell and Hartzog first connected as students. When Julia, MacDowell’s sister, reintroduced them in July 1999, they got back together.

When Hartzog proposed to MacDowell in 1999, he admitted to PEOPLE that he had a “hidden crush” on her in high school.

She’s an excellent mother, Christian, and human being. She has a beautiful outside and an equally lovely interior.

MacDowell will make an appearance in the upcoming comedy Beauty Shop. She is best recognised for her role in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Net Worth of Rhett Hartzog

Living in luxury is something that Rhett Hartzog and his family do.

His vast wealth, which he has accumulated through his firm, is the reason. His current overall net worth has not, however, been included in any reports.

In contrast, it is predicted that in 2022, Andie, his ex-wife, will have a net worth of around $20 million US.

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