Rosalie Rock Biography, Husband, Career And Net Worth

Being the mother of comedian Chris Rock has made Rosalie famous. The company Rocks This 619 was founded by her as well. 

In addition, she is the host of The Mom Show, a weekly radio program. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it broadcasts. 

She gained notoriety, though, after speaking out against Will Smith for slapping her son during the 2022 Oscars. 

The globe was horrified by this tragedy, I guess. Let me tell you guys that Smith smacked Chris on stage after he made a joke about Smith’s wife during the Oscar ceremony. 

The entire audience gasped, but Chris handled things expertly.

Rosalie Rock

Rosalie Rock Biography

On February 15, 1945, she was born. She is 77 years old at the moment. Her birth name is Rosalie Kingman, and she was born in the United States.

Wesley Kingman, Rosalie’s father, and Pearl McClam, her mother, are both named. Her mother and father’s other details are unknown. Public access to information on her siblings is not possible.

Rosalie is an American citizen and belongs to the African-American ethnicity, to talk about nationality.

Regarding her education, the public is not given access to information regarding her academic record. She may have attended the local institution for her academic endeavors.

Rosalie Rock Husband

Julius Rock, a truck driver and newspaper deliveryman, and Rosalie were married. 

Although there are no specifics of how they first met or fell in love, they did have a love marriage. Julius underwent ulcer surgery, but he passed away in 1988.

Seven children, Chris Rock, Andi Rock, Tony Rock, Andre Rock, Jordan Rock, Kenny Rock, and Brian Rock, are the offspring of Rosalie. 

They’re all doing well, overall. Chris, Tony, Kenny, and Jordan are all employed in the entertainment sector. 

Zahra Savannah Rock and Lola Simone Rock are two more of Rosalie’s grandchildren.

Rosalie Rock: Professional Career and Life

Rosalie engages in a variety of activities professionally. She is a capable writer, social worker, and the brainchild behind the nonprofit youth empowerment group Rock This 619.

The Mom Show, a weekly radio program that airs in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is hosted by her. In South Carolina and New York, she ran a daycare and preschool for 17 years while also teaching.

For the majority of her life, she provided excellent care for mentally impaired children, including her own children. She has 17 foster children and has worked for the welfare of others as a humanitarian.

Her presence in Paula’s Best Dishes is well remembered (2008). She additionally appeared in the TV show 60 Minutes (1968). Finally, she appears in the film Who Is Chris Rock? (1989).

Rosalie is depicted as the author of a book titled Mama Rock’s Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising a Household of Successful Children which was published in 2008.

Rosalie Rock Net Worth

Through her several occupations, Rosalie has made a respectable sum of money. Together with her family, she enjoys her opulent lifestyle. Rosalie hasn’t made her wealth publicly known.

Chris Rock, though, is her other child and is thought to be worth a total of $100 million.

Rosalie Rock: Speculation, Disputation

Rosalie has never before been involved in any speculations or disputes. She’s always been busy with both her personal and professional lives. She has so far succeeded in keeping a low profile.

Rosalie doesn’t want to combine her personal and professional lives since she prefers to live them separately.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Rose has a lovely appearance and a commendable character. Although her exact height is not specified, she appears to be approximately 5 feet. Her weight is typical.

Additionally, she has glossy black hair and black eyes.

However, the well-known mother has not yet made any other physical characteristics known in public.


  • Rosalie is a well-known figure. She gained notoriety for being Chris Rock’s mother.
  • It appears that she is hardly ever active on social networking sites.
  • At numerous performances and occasions, she was frequently spotted with her son Chris.
  • Together with her loved ones, she enjoys taking trips to stunning locations.
  • Rosalie enjoys dressing up and accessorizing in style.
  • She enjoys playing with children and has a strong family-oriented nature.
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