Shaun Holguin Biography, Family, Wife, Career and Net Worth

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In this blog, you are going to read about Shaun Holguin’s Biography, Family, Wife, Career, and Net Worth.

Shaun Holguin, also known as Shaun R. Holguin, works as a police officer. However, Holguin first gained notoriety as Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband.

Before their marriage ended in divorce, the former couple was married for a number of years. Jodie’s professional situation was worse after they split up.

Well, the prior couple’s breakup happened a while ago. What about Shaun’s romantic life, though? Has he remarried? Here are some fascinating details about him!

Shaun Holguin
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Shaun Holguin Biography

Shaun Holguin, a well-known policeman in the United States, was born on June 29, 1978. He has a Cancerian Sun sign. 

He dated Jodie Sweetin in the past (girlfriends). He practices an unknown religion. He is an American citizen. He is well renowned and well-known for being Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband. It is white in color.

Family of Shaun Holguin

He has a strong bond with his family. He is already married. Jodie Sweetin is the name of his wife or spouse. His daughter’s name is unknown, and neither is his son’s. 

On July 27, 2002, he and Jodie Sweetin were united in marriage. Jodie Sweetin, his wife, is a professional American actress and television personality. 

His ex-wife is well-known and well-known for playing Stephanie Tanner on the ABC comedy series Full House and Fuller House. 

In January 2002, Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin started dating. The couple filed for divorce on February 23, 2006. His ex-wife Jodie Sweetin got married twice after their divorce.

Jodie and Shaun’s Wedding

On July 27, 2002, Shaun and his wife Jodie were united in marriage. 

The First Congregational Church in Los Angeles was chosen by the couple as the location for their wedding. In front of their family and friends, the couple made their way down the aisle.

At their wedding, Candace Cameron, a former Full House co-star, served as matron of honor and her daughter Natasha served as the flower girl.

Shaun Holguin, an American police officer, is speaking about his professional background.

Furthermore, he hasn’t yet provided any other details about his line of work. After marrying American actress Jodie Sweetin, he gained public attention.

Jodie Sweetin

When she was four years old, she made an appearance in a commercial for hot dogs. With the American sitcom Valerie, Jodie Sweetin made her television debut in 1987 at the age of five. 

In the Boston Tea Party episode of the second season of the program, which aired on January 4 of that year, she portrayed Pamela. 

During the 22nd season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, she entered the competition.

Shaun holguin Wife
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Her precociousness and endearing smile caught the attention of producers Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett, who went on to develop the sitcom Full House as a result. 

After this period of her life, her career reached its notable apex. In the television series Full House, she played Stephanie Tanner. This was Jodie’s most well-known role to date.

After the first season of Pants-off Dance-off finished in 1995, she made a comeback to television by hosting the second season on Fuse TV. 

In the dark comedy TV pilot Small Bits of Happiness, she played a suicide prevention specialist and won Best Comedy at the 3rd Annual Independent Television Festival in Los Angeles.

2009 saw Jodie work on independent movies, including Port City and Redefining Love. 

In 2011, she also made an appearance in five episodes of the online series Can’t Get Arrested. She also played Leia in the 2012 television film Singled Out.

Professional Career and Net Worth of Shaun

For his work, Shaun hasn’t yet gotten any recognition or honors. However, Jodie, her ex-wife, has achieved some success in her professional life. 

Her 1990 Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Comedienne in a Television Series was given to her (Full House). She also earned the Experience, Strength, and Hope Award from Writers in Treatment.

Shaun has not yet made his salary, earnings, or net worth available to the public. 

Online reports estimate that a police officer makes $62, 760 on average per year. As of 2022, Jodie, his ex-wife, is estimated to have a net worth of about $2 million.

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Status of Relationships

Shaun has been married twice. Additionally, he is wed to an unidentified woman. According to reports, the couple is a parent. 

He has avoided the spotlight entirely since divorcing actress Jodie Sweetin, his first wife.

On July 27, 2002, Jodie and Shaun exchanged vows at Casa Del Mur in Santa Monica, California. The couple separated in 2006 as a result of Jodie’s drug addiction. 

This police officer is currently not involved in any scandal or speculation and is instead concentrating on his work.

What Caused Their Separation, and Why?

According to several reputable newspapers, the two were divorced because of Sweetin’s drug abuse. When the couple was married, she was only 20. 

After her first marriage, the actress admitted to Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on TODAY that she started using drugs heavily. She stated,

When I first started using heavy narcotics like methamphetamine and cocaine, it was much simpler to disguise than when drinking.

Before stopping, Jodie, who started drinking alcohol at the age of 14, had tried harder drugs including cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, and crack.

Sweetin was admitted to a rehab center in late 2005 while she was still married to Shaun. After being freed, she continued working in the entertainment industry, but not without hardship. 

Shaun and she separated in 2006. At the moment, Jodie was having a lot of difficulty in the field.

Following her recovery, the celebrity in the entertainment industry was hired as the clinical logistics coordinator at a drug rehab facility in Los Angeles.

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