Who is Violet Moon Howey? Updated 2022

The famous Hollywood actor Steve Howey and his ex-wife Sarah Shahi are the parents of Violet Moon Howey. 

Violet’s father, is well known for his roles as Kevin Ball on the Showtime television series Shameless and Van Montgomery on the WB/CW television series Reba. 

On the other hand, Sarah, her mother, is also an actress who has had roles including Sameen Shaw in the CBS crime thriller Person of Interest and Kate Reed in the USA Network legal drama Fairly Legal (2011–2012). 

Sarah played Carmen on The L Word in 2005. In the Netflix series Sex/Life, Shahi presently has the starring role.

Despite being far too young, Violet, the daughter of Steve and Shahi, had a number of special events that began long before her birth. 

There are a lot of amazing chapters that made news, particularly in relation to Violet’s birth and whatever was happening with her parents’ lives at that same time.

Violet Moon Howey

Violet Moon Howey Biography

The birth of Sarah Shahi’s daughter Violet Moon Howey is at home.

At their parents’ Sherman Oaks home in California in March 2015, Violet and her paired brother, Knox Blue, were born. The first twin is two hours older than the second.

William Wolf, who was born in July 2009, is her older brother.

Violet Moon Howey Age

According to her date of birth in 2022 Violet moon, Howey’s age is approximately 7 years old.

About Violet Moon Howey’s Parents

Violet Moon’s mother, Plays Sameen Shaw in the CBS crime thriller Person of Interest, Kate Reed in the USA Network legal drama Fairly Legal, and Sarah appeared as Carmen on The L Word in 2005. 

She has additionally played the lead character Det. 

Following the divorce, Shahi started dating Australian actor Adam Demos, whom she met while filming Sex/Life, in 2020. 

Shahi learned karate in her early years and earned her first dan in Shorin-Ryu karate.

Steve Howey father of Violet Moon Howey, is well known for playing Kevin Ball on the Showtime television series Shameless and Van Montgomery on the WB/CW television series Reba. 

The movies Supercross, DOA: Dead or Alive, Bride Wars, Game Over, Man!, and Something Borrowed also include Howey. 

On a segment of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Shahi revealed that Howey is of Scottish ancestry.

Violet and her brother were brought home by Sarah Shahi for what reason?

Sarah had mentioned after the delivery of her first child that she prefers a home birth since she believes that the body can give birth to a child naturally. 

She continued by saying that she wanted to dispel the myth that women are incapable of giving birth on their own and always require medical assistance, epidurals, and Pitocin by giving birth at home.

Why Did Violet Moon Howey’s Parents Get Divorced?

Their respective work schedules were supposedly the cause of the divorce. 

While Shahi simultaneously appeared in a number of projects, such as The Rookie, Persons of Interest, and Sex/Life for Netflix, Howey was hard at work filming the final season of Shameless.

Although they initially devoted all of their time to one another, Violet’s father stated in an interview that after having children, the couple found it to be quite difficult.

He also emphasized how Sarah and he, as working actors, would get extremely exhausted and, upon their return, any remaining energy would be used for the kids rather than for each other. 

As for Shahi, she revealed to Oprah Daily that having children caused a shift in her.

She claimed that after becoming parents, something changed between her and her ex-husband; they began to behave as though their earlier passions were no longer present. 

The ex-pair eventually realized things weren’t the same since they just weren’t in love with one another.

The net worth of Violet Moon Howey’s Father

Steve Howey, who stands six feet four inches tall, is undoubtedly wealthy. 

The actor is a millionaire, even though he may not be the wealthiest TV or movie star. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Violet’s father is thought to be worth around $2 million.

It is clear that the father of three gained the most of these riches from his work in television, particularly from his performances on Shameless and Reba, where he appeared in more than 100 episodes combined. Up to the show’s finale after 11 seasons, he reportedly earned $100,000 per episode for “Shameless” (via The Things).

Throughout the course of the show’s ten-year run, Howey shared the screen with notable actors like William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, who took home a staggering $350,000 per episode.

Additionally, he also owns a $1.8 million mansion in Sherman Oaks, California, according to a report that surfaced during the settlement of his divorce from Sarah.

After Divorced Sarah Shahi’s Life

In the summer of 2020, Violet’s mother began dating her co-star from Netflix’s “Sex/Life,” Adam Demos, following their divorce from Howey.

Sarah Shahi, a rookie actress, and Adam Demos, her co-star and boyfriend.

They first connected on the set of the show, which had just begun filming in August 2020—one month after her and Howey’s divorce had become widely known.

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